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January Class Schedule 









 Boot Camp




 Suspension Training 





Training *30 minutes 






**Cost is $6 per class. Unlimited monthly classes cost $65 per month. Contact 507-251-5696 or
[email protected] to get signed up. **

Class Descriptions

Boot Camp: A full body workout using a variety of fitness tools and modes.

Fitness Yoga: This class is designed to work on your strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Open to any fitness level from beginner to advanced. Leave feeling energized, stimulated, refreshed, balanced and toned.

PiYo: Traditional Pilates and Yoga moves fused together to create a great full body workout that strengthens and lengthens muscles. No previous Pilates or Yoga experience necessary.

Suspension Training: This non-impact workout uses a person's own body weight and gravity along with a suspension trainer to create a full-body workout. Appropriate for any fitness level. Express classes are 30 minutes.

Bags: Cardio and strength building thru the use of intervals on and off the exercise bags. A great stress reliever too!

Total Body: Get a full body workout by using a variety of strength tools and techniques.

Tabata/HIIT: This quick, effective workout is a balance of strength and cardio moves and is good for any fitness level.  

Movement and Meditation: Enjoy a light stretch and movement while learning "non-traditional" medication techniques.

Relaxation: Learn and practice relaxation techniques.  In this class, you will learn a variety of relaxation techniques to help you relax during busy week. 

Stretching: This class is dedicated to stretching out the muscles and decreasing the tension from the week.  You will learn a variety of stretches and stretching combinations for sore and tense muscles.  

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